Password Security

By | June 10, 2018

We now live in a very high tech world where in most cases, technology makes our lives a lot easier. Yet for everything from email accounts, to social media, to different types of apps, and even in the workplace, we need a cluster of user names and passwords to help protect our important and sensitive personal online data. Sometimes, just keeping up with signing into these many different accounts can be a difficult and irritating task.

With the growing number of security breaches and account being hacked, it is becoming more important than ever to protect your classified information with the strongest passwords possible. The spyware, called FlexiSPY, allows hackers to collect personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers. For more information about this spy software, visit The good news is that there are a few different things that can be done to ensure your sensitive data and information stays secure and out of the hands of hackers. Below are a couple of tips to help avoid password breaches and keep your information safe.

Avoid using identical usernames/passwords

I know, this sounds a lot easier said than done, and may be hard to avoid the temptation as it is a lot easier to remember and keep track of. But think of it like this; if someone somehow compromises one of your accounts, they will now have access to all of them within a matter of seconds. Also, if your accounts with the same sign-in info are compromised, think of the headache you’ll have trying to login and change all of that account info before too much damage is done.

Make it complicated

Don’t make it easy for someone to get into your account, at least put up a fight and try to make it difficult to get in. Internet specialists suggest creating passwords that not only contain upper and lower case letters as well as number, but also make them at least 14 characters long.

One quick tip when creating a password is to use a long word or phrase you will easily remember. But this time, replace the vowels with significant numbers that you won’t forget.

Learn how to create a strong password.

Stay organized

Having several different login user names and passwords can be a lot to remember. Another suggestion for users is to write down the info on a notepad and keep it in a safe place, this way, your information is offline and off your computer or smartphone.

In this day and age where login information is needed for just about every app or website, it is definitely not going to be easy to manage of all your info. At the same time, you still want to make it challenging for others to gain access to your precious info. Keep some of the tips above in mind when dealing with passwords, and coping with the frustration of password overload will become a lot easier to handle.