Starting a new business or growing an existing one? Ready to network? Need to share data? Want to share your internet connection? Like to share printers, and have data backed up regularly? We have the solution for you!


  • Life online support right on the spot or after business hours. All you need is connect to our Log-In page and we will take over from there >>click here to get familiar with remote support>>
  • Back-Up solutions protecting you from corruption, theft, fire or any other disasters.

Web Hosting

A reliable host for your website can make or break the success of your web page. Our server is located in Calgary at one of the back-bones of the high-speed channels. Please contact us and tell us what you require for your web presence.

Web Design

The success of a website is the result of the creativity of the webmaster and the information he gets from the business. A website should be updated several times during the year to keep visitors interested. Let us get together to discuss your specific needs and what it might cost.