Remote Support

We are running a utility that is widely used in the IT industry: LOGMEIN. It is very secure: With a 256-bit encryption it is very unlikely that someone can crack into the connection. We can only connect if you call us first! So you are in control and can close the connection at any time. You can remove yourself from our calling list. And this is how you set yourself up:

  1. First: Phone us for the login and password
  2. Go to and enter our logon-email: [email protected]
  3. Follow the instruction on the screen

In order for us to log into your system we need your Logon name (You will find it at the very top if you click on your START-button.

Once a trust is established, you may want us to work on your machine after business hours or at times when you are not at home. We will be glad to do so – and once you are back you will find a note of what we did to your machine.

If the damage to your computer system is not hardware related and you can still go to the Internet – you won’t even see us or wait until you fit into our schedule – a really neat utility!